The Patriarchy. In a world where feminism is a topic of contention, and male dominance is being refuted, I find myself wondering what it is to be a woman in our version of a so-called ‘Man’s World.’ As women, we are often forced to claw our way through the bullshit that the lack of gender equality has made so unbelievably infuriating to get through. It could be as simple as being cat-called on the street, or as complicated as lack of equal pay, but it has all lead me to one absolute fact.

We are not the same. Honestly, I don’t think we ever will be.

However, that isn’t to say we won’t achieve equality. I firmly believe we WILL achieve equality, but that doesn’t mean we will be the same. How can we be? We can do the same things, we can act the same way, hell, we can even dress in the same clothes, but we’ve been through too much to be the same. That’s the mistake I think we make, equality doesn’t mean the same, it means equal. Our history differentiates us, the fact we as women have had to fight every day for our sisters, daughters, wives, and friends, and will continue to fight for every single woman in the future-facing this problem, is something no man will ever completely understand. So no, we will never be the same, but we will be equal.

This series of photos is not one to show my hatred of men as a whole because, in reality, the patriarchy isn’t a reflection of all men and their thought processes. Even just in my life, I know plenty of men who would never talk down to a woman. “Claw My Way Out” is merely a reflection of a strong woman; we can’t see her face, we can’t see her body, only her hands- fighting. Fighting for the right to be considered equal, not the same. She is clawing her way out of the patriarchy, and the idea that we as women are not as strong or as capable as any man out there. She is clawing her way to the right of a life of freedom without the weight of feeling like her gender may hold her back.

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The Patriarchy

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