A brand extension for Ralph & Russo created by Annalee Nelson and me showcasing the potential for the company to expand its product range, to reach a broader consumer base while remaining true to their brand values and whimsical aesthetic. 

Assignment Brief: To Create a brand extension- discuss target market, competitors and products as well as execute a photo campaign.

Programs Used 

Creative DirectionAlyssa Advano, Annalee Nelson Concept Design | Alyssa Advano, Annalee Nelson Stylist | Alyssa Advano, Annalee Nelson Hair & Makeup  Alyssa Advano Talent Scout  Alyssa Advano, Annalee Nelson Photography Jessica Caughron & Riley Brennan  Model | Shannon Deal

The Team


Ralph & Russo Bath

Brand Extension

Ralph & Russo Brand Extension Presentation

Ralph & Russo Brand Extension Presentation