A Rainbow of Colour

The world today often feels void of color. The news continually shows us the negative, the world seems to be going down a path that is grim, and there is often a sense of prejudice lingering in the air. But in this time of uncertainty, we are the ones that can make a difference and add some color back into our lives.


In this editorial each model portrays a different color both in skin tone and eyeliner, their differences are evident, yet together they make one perfectly cohesive image. None is indifferent towards the other, and each is indisputably beautiful in their own right. Yet when they come together, they light up the sky with a rainbow.


Creative Direction: Alyssa Advano

Concept Design: Alyssa Advano

Talent Scout: Alyssa Advano

Make-Up : Alyssa Advano 

Styling: Alyssa Advano 

Photography: Jessica Caughron

Models: Eden Nielsen, Grace Cowan, Jessica Park, Ramya Kuchimanchi, Qiana Butler