The Homemakers.

Imagine this, one day you open your door, and in front of you, there's a man, in a neon pink ski mask, a lit cigarette between his toes, and a large plate of raw chicken legs placed on the dining table in front of him? What do you do?

The works of Steven Klein inspired this editorial; an American photographer recently named one of BOF's 500 people influencing the fashion industry today. The artist born in 1965 is known for his innate ability to transform subject matter into something entirely unique and always aims to capture the story behind the vision.

“You give him a dress, and he will give you a girl in a dress with a robot in a garden.” - Anna Wintour

Klein's work often confuses people through its odd yet vulnerable nature. At first glance, it may make you uncomfortable, but upon greater inspection, I believe it inspires a sense of curiosity.

So the answer to my initial question: Well, I'd probably freak out, laugh and then ask him why?

“Blue Eating Broken Blue Rasberry Jello Out Of Hand”

"Blue Washes Dishes With Broccoli"

“Blue Licks Peanut Butter Off Knife While Sitting In Wet Kitchen Sink”

“Blue Sticking Hand In Broken Blue Rasberry Jello”

"Yellow And Green Kissing Over TV Screen Playing Cartoons"

"Yellow Does Yoga Pose While Green Watches"

"Green's Head Being Ironed With Little Men Staring At You"

“Yellow Ironing Green's Head With Little Men ”

“Close Up of Yellow Ironing Green's Arm With Little Men ”

"Pink Holding Cigarette Between Toes At Dining Table"

"Pink Eating Banana in Bathtub With Foot Out"

"Jacob Answers Real Phone And Banana Phone"

“Close Up of Pink Asian Squating On The Toilet While Reading A Cantonese Newspaper Upside Down”

Medium Format Film by Jessica Caughron, 35mm Film by Riley Brennan

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