Pritt. The R&B Musician Breaking Barriers Between The East & West.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

A star in the making Pritt is an up and coming London raised Tamil musician set on empowering South Asian women through her East meets west R&B music. A force to be reckoned with, Pritt, who has released 2 EP's and 4 singles in the past 4 years, her latest drop being "Transparency" a noteworthy EP featuring her hit 'Top Boy', uses her almost hypnotizing beats and uniquely smooth melodies to create a one of a kind sound for her listeners.

Amidst her busy schedule and the craziness of Lockdown, Pritt sat down with Bol to talk about all things fashion, music, and South Asian culture.

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Original Image by Grace Olukanni for Lifestyle Magazine

First off, congratulations on the release of your music video for Top Boy! Can you tell us what inspired the song and the music video?

Thanks! It's basically about trying to be the best of the best and feeling like every turn you take, there is a comparison waiting or someone the same age or younger than you doing so much better in the same field. As humans, we want to succeed, but we are afraid to fail, and we forget that sometimes we are enough, which took me a lot of time to learn. It's a reminder to myself and a lot of people, but mainly my fellow creatives, because the journey can be disheartening and satisfying simultaneously!

That's an amazing message! I think we could all benefit from being reminded not to compare ourselves. However, it must have been tough to deal with, especially when you first started making music. So can you tell us a little about why you get into the music industry and what your journey was like getting into it?

I love music, it makes me feel a type of way, and I love creating music that speaks the truth or lessons that I have learned in my lifetime. My journey has been up and down; my parents both had different opinions on me pursuing music as a career and wanted me to do something financially stable. My mum was more open to the idea than my dad, but a couple of years down the line, they are now my biggest supporters. I really struggled with self-doubt and comparison at the start of my career, comparing myself to my age mates in the industry and how I hadn't done anything in comparison but slowly, I started to understand that if it was meant for me, it would come to me. I love learning new things every day, and that is the same with my career; I know a lot more than I did a year ago, and this will continue to change!

Well, I know I, for one, am so glad that you stuck with it as you have truly grown into a role model for South Asian women trying to break into the field today. Yet it couldn't have been easy. Have you faced many challenges being a South Asian woman in the music industry?

Of course, it's not every day you see a Tamil woman in the music industry; it's not normal haha! I have the best family support network I can ask for; they hype me up and keep me grounded; it wasn't always like that, but we all learned along the way. You don't see a lot of females in the industry. On top of that, you don't see a lot of South Asian females, and it took a lot of courage to put a single out and continue to pave the way without anyone to look up to, but we move! My mum is the most inspirational person; I definitely get my determination from her. But the music industry as a whole is changing, and hopefully, my children will face a different reality!

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Original Image by Grace Olukanni for Lifestyle Magazine

Speaking of watching the world change, I have heard you are a bit of an activist who is passionate about equality and South Asian representation. Why do you think there isn't a large representation of South Asian women in your field?

Wow, I wouldn't say an activist at all; I just don't like double standards! Especially in Tamil/South Asian households – treat your sons with the same vim you give your daughters, and I'll stop talking about it! Representation is who you see fit, not where the majority flocks - this applies to me as well. I love seeing Tamil people succeed in whatever they do because we have been through a lot to be here - of course, I'm going to support that!

I think there is a lack of South Asian women in my field because of toxic aunties getting involved- butting into places they don't belong in LOL. I can't speak for everyone, but arts or creative careers aren't really hyped up in the South Asian community; it's not seen as a career option at all and looked down upon a lot, which is why people tend to do another career and have music/arts on the side. I think this is changing now, though! I love my generation; we are definitely molding our future for the better!

We totally agree! Our generation is changing the way South Asians are viewed and are often combining the East and the West's best to create almost a new sub-culture! Here at Bol, we are all about showcasing South Asian women that have been influenced by the West, and that idea really shines through in your clothing. Who are your fashion inspirations, and why do you think it's important to showcase your East meets West style?

My dad has the best fashion sense, even to this day, a lot of the clothing I started to wear were my dad's old designer pieces! I didn't like wearing sarees and Tamil jewelry growing up, but the older I got, the more importance it held that I had to remember my heritage, so I started adding pieces to my everyday clothing. I try to keep it modern with a touch of culture, but I'm not so scared to go all out anymore!

We love that! And just before we go, we have two more questions for you. First, Do you have any future plans for your music that you can share with us? And second is there any advice you would give to the young people in the South Asian community trying to follow their dreams?

I have a lot coming for you, just keep up on my socials, and you will be updated! And in terms of advice:

  1. Aunty has no business telling you what to do; please don't listen to her!

  2. It is never too late to start something new. NEVERRRR.

  3. The people that wish madness on you, are more likely to be your biggest fans, keep shining!

Well, there you have it folks! You can listen to all Pritts music on Spotify and Apple music but make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss out on her latest drops!

Pritt Instagram: @_prittmusic

Facebook: prittmusic

Spotify: Pritt

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