My (Very Late) Christmas Gift Guide- Small Business Edition

Hey guys, so if you're like me and are the worst when it comes to giving gifts on time this is the post for you! This Christmas help support small businesses from all around the world by getting your friends and family (late) holiday presents from the coolest small brands around. Below is a list of gift ideas for all styles, ages, and tastes, so this year let's make a small business owner's day and get to ordering!

1. Rappers as Food - USA (Offer Worldwide Shipping!)

If you love rap music, are a foodie, and have a great sense of humor, this is the brand for you. Rappers as Food was created by a dear friend of mine and an incredibly talented individual, Elizabeth Pamboukian, in 2019 when she posted her hilarious illustration of 'Snoop Hot Dog' on her Instagram, and people went crazy for it. In just over a year, that one image turned into 50+ rappers as food illustrations featuring rappers such as 'Lil Uzi Tart,' 'B Cardi' and 'Megan thee Scallion," and has grown into a socially conscious Apparel and Accessory brand.

Personally, I adore everything that she creates, from the quality of fabric to the attention to detail in each of her illustrations; Elizabeth has created a one of a kind brand that has something for everyone. This Christmas, gift your friends and family (and maybe yourself) a sweatshirt, phone case even a bucket hat with a print of their favorite rapper as food front and center.

Oh, did I forget to mention the best part? I have a discount code! Use ALYSSA10 for 10 percent off your entire purchase!

Check them out at or at @rappersasfood on Instagram!

2. Rani & Co. UK (Offer Worldwide Shipping!)

Rani & Co is the cutest feel-good feminist jewelry brand created by Ramona and began in 2015, and her team designed to empower desi women across the globe and make them feel like the queens they are. A few of my favorites right now are the Gold Queen Bumblebee necklace (perfect for any of you SCAD grads out there) and the beautiful thick gold starburst hoops!

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Rani & Co "Thick Gold Starburst Hoops." Image Courtesy of

Check them out at or at @raniandco on Instagram!

3. Laurs Creates - USA

Laurs creates is for all the music lovers out there that could listen to the same album on repeat for days. Started by Lauren Corrado, a recent graduate and another amazing friend of mine from Savannah College of Art Design sells nothing less than the coolest collages inspired by your favorite musical geniuses. This is a present sure to bring joy to any individual who receives it as not only are they entirely customizable but truly encapsulate the emotion of the songs that just can't help giving you all the feels.

Check them out at or at DM to order @laurs_creates on Instagram!

4. Shop Young Neen -USA

Shop Young Neen, created by ABD Neena ….. is a small clothing brand specializing in what I like to call jellyfish fish tops and sells the coolest and brightest of illustrations. Each clothing piece is made to order, and she can even customize the sleeves of this perfect Christmas present to say whatever you would like! If I were you, i'd snatch up a few of her pieces for your closest friends before she blows up big time!

DM on Instagram to order @shopyoungneen

5. Sassproject - India

Sass project is a 100% sustainable indo-western clothing brand based out of New Delhi, India. The founders Sanya and Sara Kapoor create handcrafted, affordable, sustainable pieces that consist of everything from tracksuits to casual lenghas. I personally ordered a beautiful set for my mom this Christmas, and the quality is unmatchable! What's even better is that not only is each piece customized to each customer's measurements, which means the perfect fit, but they leave a 4-inch margin, so regardless of if your size changes, your outfit never has to go to waste! If you see the perfect gift make sure to get your hands on your favorite pieces fast, though, as there are only limited quantities available!

DM on Instagram to order @sassproject

6. Mash - India (Offer Worldwide Shipping!)

Mash by Malvika Schroff is the coolest in fun, quirky, and always unique pieces. Seen recently on @imouniroy and @juhigodambe, their clothing ranges from tie-dye jeans to pink panther tracksuit bottoms; they even do customized hand-painted denim! This brand is not for the faint of heart but is the perfect gift for anyone that loves bold, eccentric fashion!

DM on Instagram to order @mashbymalvikashroff

7. Drainbowland - USA

Dranbowland is the cool girl (or guys) paradise for all things psychedelic jewelry. Created by Paige Harwell Samek, an artist based out of Savannah GA, the brand offers up the most fun neon jewelry I personally have ever seen. From birthday candle earrings to the grown-up version of the plastic flower hair clip, her designs are ones I guarantee you find nowhere else—the perfect gift for any and all of your favorite bold, quirky humans.

Check them out at or at @drainbowland on Instagram!