A World of Color

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

An editorial commenting on the issue of acceptance.

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Model, Qiana Butler

The world today often feels void of color. The news continually shows us the negative, the world seems to be going down a path that is grim, and there is often a sense of prejudice lingering in the air. But in this time of uncertainty, we are the ones that can make a difference and add some color back into our lives.

I think as a society we are more accepting of others than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that we are perfect. The chapter isn’t over until we all learn the art of acceptance. Acceptance isn’t agreeing with everything; acceptance doesn't even mean believing in the same things as those around you. It’s about tolerance and the ability to listen, learn and even disagree with people who have differing opinions, or come from different backgrounds, but still being able to respect their ideas and views as equals.

People are people. My dad taught me that — no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, financial situation, whatever. People are still people. Who gives us the right to say one is better than the other. Even the word "better" is subjective. We all have opinions, no two is identical, so why not let our different views bring us together rather than separate us.

In this editorial each model portrays a different color both in skin tone and eyeliner, their differences are evident yet together, they make one perfectly cohesive image. None is indifferent towards the other, and each is indisputably beautiful in their own right. Yet when they come together, they light up the sky with a rainbow.

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Modeled by (left to right), Eden Nielsen, Grace Cowan, Jessica Park, Ramya Kuchimanchi, Qiana Butler

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Model, Eden Nielsen.

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Model, Grace Cowan.

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Model, Jessica Park

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Model, Ramya Kuchimanchi.

Captured by Jessica Caughron, Model, Qiana Butler

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