4 Ideas For A Corona Free Date Night

Hey Guys! So, last week was my 3rd dating anniversary with my boyfriend, and for once in my life, I took a full day off and just spent the day enjoying his company. We went to a new favorite lunch spot of ours (we were socially distanced and made sure the restaurant was empty before we arrived) for unlimited dim sum, watched some great movies, and ended the day with a couple of drinks with close friends. Very chilled out and extremely us. It ended up being the perfect day, but as you can imagine, planning even such a simple non-extravagant few hours out was very daunting because of the pandemic.

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You see, as I’m sure all of you have been experiencing, date night has become challenging. Whether you just met someone online a few days ago and are trying to plan the big first date or have been together for years wondering what to do on Saturday night while trying to be as safe as possible, it is not an easy task. Depending on where you are in the world, even meeting at one another’s homes may be impossible. So you end up stuck in this seemingly never-ending loop of watching the same rom-com on Netflix over face-time together, potentially sexting a little, and calling it a night.

But never mind all that. Im here today to give you four ideas for your next date night that are pandemic friendly and not the oh-so stereotypical “start a tv series together” because, let’s face it, it has been about a year, and how many more times can we re-watch the office. So let's get into it!

1. A Rooftop Rendezvous

If you live in India or a big city in general, you are bound to live in or know someone who lives in an apartment with a rooftop. Ask your watchman very nicely, if you can borrow the keys for the roof (and when that doesn’t work slip him 200 rupees), head on up there, decorate with some fairy lights, and set a picnic blanket down with a basket full of your significant others favorite treats. I promise they will be so surprised and love you even more as you watch the sunset over your city. Completely secluded, inexpensive, and corona safe!

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2. The Group Date - Corona Style.

So this one is perfect for those couples wholly stuck at home. Get a few couples together and purchase the JACKBOX Party Pack on steam. Now, although this seems like just another virtual board game night, trust me, you won’t regret spending the extra $24 on this fantastic game pack. Depending on the version you purchase, it comes with some hilarious games such as Quiplash, the equivalent of Online Cards of Humanity (but better.) Tee K.O., a hysterical game where you and your friends design t-shirts with quotes and drawings on them (it is so much more fun than it sounds) and create the most hilarious compositions, as well as so many other unique games. So get on zoom, grab your phones, and spend hours having full-on belly laughs.

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3. The Graffiti drive

For all my fellow art kids out there who miss roaming around art exhibitions, this one is for you! Although it might not be the best time to visit a crowded museum, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on seeing some incredible artwork. Every big city has plenty of astonishing street artists painting the walls of buildings, billboards, and even parking lots in all sorts of colors and styles. Grab your keys, maybe stop at a McDonald’s drive-through, and make a game out of it! Whoever spots the most amount of cool graffiti at the end of the night wins!

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4. For The Functional Alcoholics

This one is strictly for those aged 21 and up, but head on over to your local liquor store (online if possible) and order many miniatures of all different types of alcohol. Then order a bunch of juices, fruits, mixers, etc, and have yourself a bartending- off. Give you and your significant other a set amount of time to come up with a brand new cocktail and see who comes up with the best tasting ones! After a few rounds, both of you will be having the best time, and maybe you might even come up with your very own signature couples drink!

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So there you have it guys, I hope that I have given you some inspiration for your next date night or even just some ideas for a great night with friends. This pandemic has been tough on all of us but is even tougher on our relationships. Let's make sure that amidst all the craziness, we make time for each other and show those most important to us that we still care!

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