A nuevo western fashion film.

After winning his small western town’s annual bingo night, Bo returns home to share the jackpot and tell his family of his plans to marry his boyfriend. With overwhelming excitement, Bo’s family plans his dream wedding, and as he finally gets to cut into his dream twinkie cake, the reality of the situation becomes clear.

Assignment Brief: To create a fashion film with a sense of emotion. 

Executive Producers | Alyssa Advano, Elizabeth Pamboukian, Jacob Bern Concept Designers | Alyssa Advano, Elizabeth Pamboukian, Jacob Bern Stylists | Alyssa Advano, Elizabeth Pamboukian, Jacob Bern Location Scouts | Alyssa Advano, Elizabeth Pamboukian, Jacob Bern

The Team

Programs Used 

Bearded Dragons, and Rhinestone Chaps? What more could you want!
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