Curvy women are finally being recognized in the world of fashion thanks to models like Ashley Graham and Barbara Ferreira not being afraid to show off their bodies. Brands such as J Crew are beginning to look at plus size women as part of their target market by releasing their products in larger sizes. Although we’ve made progress, most of the time when we see these women being represented, they look like they came straight out of a bad 90's catalog magazine. A while back an online magazine that I read released an editorial that seemingly embraced the beauty of plus size women, but the post made it seem as if plus-sized women didn’t belong in high-end fashion, and instead looked like they were saying “Hey, you're gorgeous- but only in JC Penny adverts.”


This editorial is about celebrating beauty regardless of shape or size. It’s about feeling incredible in your skin and truly embodies the idea that every woman is beautiful. The goal was to make the models feel sexy and elegant while in a setting that wasn’t just another ad campaign for the XL t-shirt section at Walmart.

So this is not an editorial about curvy women. Just like any other Vogue editorial isn't about skinny women. This is an editorial about women. 

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The average size of the American woman in 2019 was between 16-18! So why are we still so focused on just the size 0?