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Creative DirectionAlyssa Advano, Kyle Koosed Concept Design | Alyssa Advano, Kyle Koosed  Stylist | Alyssa Advano, Kyle Koosed Photography Jessica Caughron Model | Alyssa Advano, Kyle Koosed Bracelet Made By Alyssa Advano, Kyle Koosed Presentation & Research | Alyssa Advano, Kyle Koosed

A jewelry brand extension for the brand Ryan Roche that targets a less wealthy consumer base than the brand currently aims for. It was designed to create a greater range of consumers for the brand so Ryan & Roche could gain the capital they need to grow without compromising the company's values.

Assignment Brief: To create a brand extension to target a new consumer for an existing brand.  Include designs for a new product collection, create one physical product, develop a production timeline, search for potential vendors, research production costs, create mock advertisements and a launch event.

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Ryan Roche Jewelry

Brand Extension

Ryan Roche Brand Extension Presentation