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An expansion project for Vivienne Westwood Swim


The Homemakers.

An editorial inspired by the works of Steven Klein

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Pink & Pretty

A fashion editorial surrounding the  idea of what it means to be feminine.

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Ryan & Roche Jewelry Brand Extension 

A jewelry brand extension for the brand Ryan & Roche.


The Patriarchy

An editorial  for the art website ELLO surrounding the idea of the patriarchy.

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A nuevo western fashion film  

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Yves Saint Laurent Future Branding Campaign

 A mock future ad campaign for YSL.


Weird & Wonderful 

A fashion editorial showcasing the weird and wonderful normalities of living in an Asian City.

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This is not a colour

A still life series about the cohesion of seemingly different objects.



A fashion editorial created using solely items found in GoodWill for under $100 showcasing that sustainable shopping can be just relevant and creative.


Baublebar GIF's

A series of GIF's created for the an extension of the jewelry brand Baublebar's "Just Ripe" collection


Not Plus Size.

A fashion editorial surrounding the idea that the term "Plus Size"shouldn't be a consideration or a selling point. Women are women regardless of size.

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A mock spa brand focused on creating a positive outlook on body image within advertising.


Ralph & Russo Brand Extension

A mock Ralph & Russo advertising campaign for a hypothetical bath brand extension.

A brand is essentially the personality of a company, so why not make it one that stands for something? 

Branding & Editorials