A magazine targeted at the Gen Z South Asian Consumer that has moved to the Western World. The aim of volume 32. is to get individuals talking about the things that matter whether that be a story, an experience, or a social change. 


Assignment Brief: In these extraordinary times, we are now confronted with, what is important? What, as a society do we need? What will dictate our reading habits? What will we want to be informed about? And inspired by? To give us all the hope to move forward and live our best lives in unforeseen circumstances?

You will work individually [as an entire editorial team] to produce a professional-looking ‘Fashion & Lifestyle Trend Forecasting Magazine’ that reflects on the times we are faced with, and the future we long for.

This online, digital magazine, must include at least 3 major up and coming fashion trends for a future season and for lifestyle/home interiors.



Programs Used 

Editor in Chief | Alyssa Advano Creative DirectionAlyssa Advano Art Direction | Alyssa AdvanoConcept Design | Alyssa Advano StylingAlyssa Advano Hair & Makeup | Alyssa Advano Talent Scout | Alyssa Advano Writer/ Copywriter | Alyssa Advano Photography | Jessica Caughron & Riley Brennan  Models | Alyssa Advano & Rutvij Khandekar Contributing Writer/ Art Director | Radhika Patel Contributing Art Director | Elizabeth Pamboukian

The Team

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