Asier is a mock spa brand created by Shreya Lunawat and I to promote body positivity within advertising. Every photo was designed to be relatable to our consumer, by showcasing real women doing their daily skincare routine in an everyday setting.


To emphasize our message we went back to basics when it came to creating our advertising images, as we not only used a black and white disposable camera but didn't retouch any of our photos. Our advertisement campaign ultimately showed that no one has perfectly blow-dried hair when they come out of the shower or has airbrushed looking skin after washing their face, yet that doesn't mean they aren't beautiful.  A woman uses a spa product to make herself feel luxurious and pampered, but that is not possible if the product itself causes the user to believe in an unattainable version of beauty. Therefore Asier was designed not only to make our consumers look beautiful but feel it too.

Assignment Brief:  To create a mock brand that focuses on ethical practice for the Hong Kong Market. Focus on Ideals rather than reality and create an overview of the brand and the market. 





The Team

Programs Used 

Creative DirectionAlyssa Advano & Shreya Lunawat Concept Design | Alyssa Advano & Shreya Lunawat Stylist | Alyssa Advano & Shreya Lunawat Talent Scout  Alyssa Advano & Shreya Lunawat  Photography Alyssa Advano & Shreya Lunawat Model | Akshata Karekar, Guin Joyce Ballard, Elizabeth Pamboukian


This project was done over two continents and therefore is targeted towards a US & HK consumer!

As an extension to the Asier Brand, I created a Pop-Up shop for a hypothetical Asier based in the United States. This extension includes a personalized app, website as well as a marketing campaign and is designed to maintain the companies values whilst meeting the American consumer's needs.

Assignment Brief: Create a pop-up store for a brand that you may have previously worked on. Use the programs room styler and photoshop to create the space, analyze the location, target market and create a mock app using Adobe XD that links to the pop-up launch but can also be used by the brand in the future.


Programs Used 


Asier Pop-Up

Store Extension

The Team

By | Alyssa Advano 
I created renderings and an app for this pop up space! Click the button above to see it all in action!